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How is the Passion Sattvic Diet Born?

           Passion Sattvic Diet was once a thought born in my mind in 2015; when I was working as a medical representative. The thought was born not because of so many reasons but for a single reason. The reason is a question I asked myself: Why doesn't a lifestyle disease patient stop medicine rather than increasing the dosage till he dies? I asked this question to myself not for society but for myself because at that time I was just 26 but I also started medication for blood pressure from one tablet to four tablets daily. The search for this question send me to a new world. The truth revealed to me that lifestyle disease is due to wrong lifestyle. Then I researched to know the real reason for lacking Healthy Lifestyle. The result was shocking; The real threat for our healthy lifestyle is not the intake of unhealthy food or beverages but the intake of unhealthy contents in the name of good food. It starts from baby food to adult food. Over commercialisation of the food industry is the real root cause of all lifestyle diseases including cancer. A person or a company cannot produce or deliver food to millions without adulteration. It's not their fault but they have to ensure their stock as fresh as day one until it reaches their end customer. So they have to do artificial preserving methods to ensure the life of the stored food. So the only solution to give unadulterated natural food to people is, we need more passionate producers. For example there should be a minimum 1000 producers to feed a million customers. Again search started to find passionate producers of natural healthy food products and started a small shop in Trivandrum with Home made and Home grown products and Named "Passion Sattvic diet" In 2016

Manu Mohan S
Passion Sattvic Diet

How Passion Sattvic Diet brought up? 

In 2016, Passion Sattvic Diet started with a mission of providing unadulterated food to people. From the day one we are sure that unadulterated food is not organic food. Adulteration is due to over commercialisation. So we were always in search of clean original food from day one. Slowly we were in track of getting good non commercial food products. Most of our products were home made. Primarily we faced quality problems with home made products also. Then we realise a truth that if somebody is passionate about making a product; They will never compromise the quality of their product because money is not their motivation but satisfaction of the users are their driving force of their activity. So we stopped choosing products instead started choosing passionate producers. From the past four years, we earned more than 50 passionate producers with High Quality Gem like products. The answer for why you should buy from us is the same. You never get this much clean food from anywhere else. No other business in this world will give you 100% replacement for all the products including perishables if not satisfied but we do. That's why we have achieved more than a thousand regular customers from zero in just four years.